Delegate finance safely to teams

Qonto is the leading European business finance solution. It simplifies everything from everyday banking to business finance management.
As a Senior Product Designer, my focus was on transforming the product into a comprehensive finance management tool, enabling team delegation and setup while enhancing control on the Admin side.
Two notable projects I delivered were the creation of the Expense Report feature and the redesign of the Member invitation process, adding custom permissions.

Problem statement #1
Due to insufficient control over permissions, CFOs refrain from delegating operational financial tasks to their team leaders, which wastes a lot of their time
Implement new custom permissions

We added custom permissions on the Manager role to improve delegation for admins while allowing them to keep control.
From a business perspective, the goal was to increase the number of active Managers in Qonto to move towards a decentralized financial solution and increase revenue per user.

Boost user engagement with expense reports feature

Finance managers encountered challenges in monitoring and managing team out-of-pocket expenses, resulting in errors and excessive administrative work.
From a business perspective, addressing various aspects of business payments, including managing out-of-pocket expenses, became a critical feature to attract customers who lacked modern expense management tools.
We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the entire expense management journey, from request to approval, to identify the key elements to include in the initial beta release.

Delivery and results

In the initial release, users could efficiently submit their expense report reimbursement requests to an admin or manager with approval permissions through our mobile app or desktop interface.
To streamline this process, we integrated the expense report as a new request type within our existing Request section, alongside transfers and card requests.
This strategy allowed us to leverage familiar patterns and enhance discoverability for users.

So what?
After 1 month, half of organisations with Beta access have invited at least one new team member who then submitted an expense report.
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