Build travel app engagement during Covid

Edreams is one of the largest online travel agency in the world. Users can book through multiple channels (web, mobile web, and natives apps).
I had the privilege of working with the Native team for two years, where my focus was on user engagement.
One feature I worked on was an in-app inbox designed to boost Edreams App relevance and retention while reducing customer center calls.

Problem statement
Customers need to contact the Customer Service Center for updates on claims, creating a bottleneck in the refund process, especially during the pandemic.
An initial prototype in line with market standards

I researched competitors' approaches to the problem and found that some, like Caixa Bank and Banco do Brasil, used categories to organise and clarify messages.
Most inboxes I studied allowed users to scan, triage, read, respond, and react to messages, with a focus on delivering relevant content. However, some inboxes were cluttered with marketing and irrelevant information.
I develop an initial prototype adhering to these standards with the goal of testing and learning about how users navigate through the app to find information related to their booking issues.

Iteration based on research learning

Insights gathered reveal that the concept did not convincingly solve with our problem, as users found it complex to navigate, lacking quick access to information.
To address this, I optimize the browsing experience by highlighting categories, providing better support, and guiding users to the relevant inbox messages.

Definition of the MVP and brand implementation

The first launch of the inbox primarily aims to focus on customer support topics such as flight cancellations and the refund process.
Therefore, we adapt the vision into a minimalist version to ensure that we deploy the right value at the initial launch while establishing standards for future improvements and other types of communications.
I also ensure that the final specifications seamlessly adapt to our various brands: Edreams, GoVoyage, Opodo, and Travellink.

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