Redesign the financing funnel

Aurora Capital are funding specialists assisting UK businesses raise the necessary capital to grow and expand their companies.
They encountered a challenge with losing a considerable number of potential deals from the moment prospects begin the sign-up process until they reach the final document upload step.
In my role as a Freelance Product Designer, I led the complete redesign of their funnel in partnership with their CFO and Technical Referral as main stakeholders.

Problem statement
As a small business owner, the loan application process on the Aurora website demands a considerable amount of unexpected energy. Navigating through multiple steps and searching for specific information to provide makes it challenging to anticipate a potential positive response from lenders.
Build a step by step flow

After analyzing the various requirements users needed to fulfill, we evaluated several approaches for presenting the form to them.
We decided to minimize cognitive load at each step by implementing a step-by-step eligibility form.
The primary emphasis of the eligibility form was to offer the best guidance and support, which led us to introduce steppers and contextual helpers within the flow.

Delegate access to your accountant

Through our research, we found that many retailers were depending on an external accountant to handle their financial documents.
To streamline the process and enhance conversion rates, we offer them the ability to invite an external agent into their application to submit the missing documents.


I provided a comprehensive document detailing the final design flow, encompassing all specified scenarios and expected behaviors, web and mobile.
To facilitate future enhancements and bridge the gap between development and design, I detailed every component created.

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